Mommy and Me Photoshoot Mommy and Me Photoshoot?  Yes, Mama’s!  You need to get into those portraits too!  Documenting motherhood is often not a high priority for new moms and it really should be!  What most don’t realize is you will most likely be the one taking the pictures and rarely in them.  When you […]

Port St Lucie Photographer | Gorgeous Mom, Handsome Boy! Port St Lucie Photographer not available, can’t find one you love, no problem!   Come visit the Jupiter Florida natural light photography studio, you’re sure to love it!  This gorgeous mom brought her incredibly sweet baby boy into the studio for a Mommy and Me session.   […]

Jupiter Fl | Milestones Photography Documenting your baby’s milestones with photography is so important! Trust me, I know you think you will remember exactly what they looked and all this little facets of their personalities. But with time, we all start to forget. The older they get the harder it is to recall their little […]