Congratulations, your sweet baby is about to turn one! Let's plan their session! 

traditional Portraits

Splash Time

Balloon Room OR Cake SMash

Some parents want a mix of traditional images with a few Birthday themed images and finish up with Splash Time.  Some want only the Traditional Portraits and that's totally fine too!  Take a look at the different options and let me know what love the most!  

traditional portraits

Your baby's session can be all Traditional Portraits or a combination of Traditional, Birthday (either Balloon Room OR Cake Smash) with the option to add on Splash Time!


Next, choose between a Balloon Room OR Cake Smash.  Sorry, we can't do both at one session.

You will need to bring 30 regular balloons for the floor and 15 helium balloons.  White with white strings is best as pink and blue can throw color casts on baby, editing those color casts is not included.  

Cake SMash

Cake Smashes can be super cute and we do a lot of them but be forewarned, not all babies like the taste of sugar or the feeling of sticky icing on their fingers.  If your baby hasn't experienced cake I highly recommend giving your baby a piece of cake before you plan on a Cake Smash.  If your baby loves cake here's what you need to bring!  Nina's Bakery in Jupiter makes very pretty cakes, especially if you want something intricate.  I have had several simple 4" cakes from Publix that are also very cute.  

Choose between a Balloon Room OR Cake Smash. Sorry, we can't do both at one session.

 A 4" or 6" round vanilla cake, please don't bring chocolate, it does not photograph well..   White or pastel icing is best for timeless portraits!  You will also need to provide the Cake Smash Outfit.  Studio Wardrobe not available for Cake Smash portion.

Splash Time

This is, by far, the most popular One Year Session activity we offer!  It's a great way to remove any extra icing or just to get a sleepy baby through the end of the session.  It anchors a mobile baby for a little while and babies just love bath time! If you would like to end with a Splash let me know ahead of time so I can prepare  for it before you arrive!  Make sure you bring a towel or a robe, if it's cute we can try to get a final pic of them all wrapped up!

Make sure you bring a towel or a robe.  We can try to get a final pic of them all wrapped up!




CAKE: Nina's Bakery  561-508-7889(Center St)  or your favorite bakery
(vanilla, 4"or 6" round, white or pastel icing)
HELIUM BALLOONS: I will take care of this for you!  All I need to know is if you want all white or
 if you want to sprinkle in an accent color!  





Just Baby

TOwel or robe