Newborn Prep Guide

Preparing for your newborn session

Most babies are much sleepier at home (being held, wrapped up etc) than they are once they get undressed and are touched/moved and posed in my studio. In order for this session to go smoothly and for me to be able to capture images as you have seen on my website, you must follow my prep info as best you can. Of course I understand that all babies are different and it may not go just as I suggest, but please do your best. (please do not let your baby sleep all morning before the session because guaranteed, baby will wake up for the session and we will not be able to get sleepy posed images, this comes with much experience) Keep in mind, the sleepier your baby is, the better your images will turn out! Trust me!

5 Days Before

PLEASE avoid caffeine, spicy and cruciferous(broccoli, cauliflower, legumes) foods. If baby is gassy or wide awake you will naturally have fewer images in your gallery.


• ONE: Start waking your baby up at least 2 hours before before you need to leave the house for your session.
 • TWO: Give your baby a bath (either tub or sponge bath) as this will help keep them awake especially if they are sleepy. Take your time with this bath, drag it out as much as you can to kill some of the time.
 • THREE: Do lotion time. This also helps keep baby awake, so drag this out for a long time as well. The lotion also helps with the dry skin so it won’t show up as much in images (of course I edit large pieces in Photoshop).
 • FOUR: Please dress baby in a zipper down(snaps if you don’t have zipper) outfit (pajamas are preferred, no onesies, please) so I don’t have to pull anything over their head while undressing them. If it is a cold day, please use extra blankets instead of extra clothes. Please do not use anything with a waistband or things that will leave marks from being tight.
 • FIVE: About half an hour before you need to put baby in car seat and leave, give baby a big feeding. Try to keep baby awake so that they get the most milk possible. If they won’t wake enough to eat I highly recommend undressing baby, this usually keeps them awake long enough to get a good full belly. • SIX: Put baby in car seat and come to my studio. If you live less than 20 minutes from my studio, I do not want you to keep baby awake in car. Let them sleep on the ride here. If you live less than 5 minutes from the studio, please take extra time in the car to help baby fall asleep in their car seat.


• Pacifier (Avent Soothies preferred)
• Gripe Water (or preferred gas drops)
• Extra Milk (more than you think you'll need) 


Newborns are very intuitive, they can smell mom and become very restless when she is nearby. We want to ensure that we get the absolute best sleep from your newborn so we request that parents wait in our comfy waiting area. Because sessions are VERY LONG (typically 2-3 hours, please feel free to bring something with you to help pass the time. “Thank you” notes, lap tops, ipad or just catch up on your rest. We have cable TV and free Wi-Fi. Please feel free to bring snacks or grab take-out. 

Use of personal cameras (of any kind) is strictly prohibited during your session.

 I hope you are just as excited as I am to preserve the precious memories of your new little bundle!!

STUDIO ADDRESS : 221 Greenwich Cir SUITE 100

Please text or call if you need to reach me on the day of your session